‘Business for Sustainability’ represents the next level of achievement after ‘Caring Company’. The new logo will recognise companies that are making significant progress to integrate responsible, inclusive and sustainable practices across their core business operations.

The Business for Sustainability logo adopts the criteria of the Hong Kong Business Sustainability Index (HKBSI), launched by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in 2015 with The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) as a strategic partner.

Companies achieving an adequate score will be awarded the Business for Sustainability logo. The online assessment platform and feedback report will act as sustainability management tools to benchmark and enhance their performance.

The assessment is based on the VPI model (Values-Process-Impact) developed by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in which companies are assessed in the three main areas under CSR values (Values), CSR management and CSR practices (Process), as well as the company’s contributions to the economic, social and environmental sustainability (Impact). Companies must provide information relating to their CSR/sustainability vision and principles, their management systems and practices, and the impact on a range of stakeholder groups.

This online assessment platform is hosted and maintained by the Sustainability Management Research Centre (SMRC), Department of Management and Marketing at PolyU. Company data collected will be used for academic research purposes. The assessment process is jointly administered by SMRC and an independent verification provider, which will treat all company data confidentially.

The Business for Sustainability logo is open for applications from 2 June, 2017. Completed applications must be submitted by 22 September, 2017. Companies are invited to complete the on-line questionnaire for their CSR/sustainability Values, Process and Impact against their seven groups of stakeholders in the financial year of 2015-16 or ended 31 December 2016. Companies will be notified of the result in February 2018. Successful applicants will be awarded the Business for Sustainability logo for 2017/18.

Online Questionnaire

The on-line questionnaire of Business for Sustainability Logo consists of eleven sections (Section I to XI) which are accessible through the different buttons of the instruction bar as illustrated in the following table.   (Attention: *=Compulsory field)
Co. InfoSection I.Company Information
ValuesSection II.Nature of Business: Impact on Society/Environment
Section III.CSR/Sustainability Orientation
ProcessSection IV.CSR/Sustainability Management
Practice ISection V-1.CSR/Sustainability Practices*5.1 Community responsibility practices
5.2 Customer responsibility practices
5.3 Employee responsibility practices
Practice IISection V-2.CSR/Sustainability Practices*5.4 Environmental responsibility practices
5.5 Government responsibility practices
5.6 Investor/shareholder responsibility practices
5.7 Supplier responsibility practices
ImpactSection VI.Impact of CSR/Sustainability Activities*6.1 Community impact
6.2 Customer impact
6.3 Employee impact
6.4 Environmental impact
6.5 Government impact
6.6 Investor/shareholder impact
6.7 Supplier impact
6.8 Change in Financial Performance
Section VII.Performance Change as a Result of CSR/Sustainability Management
Other QsSection VIII.Difficulties/Obstacles Encountered in CSR/Sustainability
Section IX.External Environmental Factors that Affected Your Company's CSR/Sustainability Development in Last Financial Year
Section X.Future Development of CSR/Sustainability
UploadSection XI.Supporting/Supplementary Documents for Upload
  *In alphabetical order